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Sean Gillies

Hi Vincent,

Doesn't GDAL get georeferencing for GeoTIFFs from GCPs already? leads me to believe that it does. GDAL doesn't get georeferencing for a VRT from its GCPs, I have just checked this. Maybe the place to address this is in GDAL?

On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 8:16 AM <vincent.sarago@...> wrote:
Right now Rasterio has partial support of GCPS (meaning it can just list them). 

I've started a PR to add support of GCPS to retrieve the geotransform and crs from it when it's not present in the file (mostly to support Sentinel-1 data COG):
While this works, the implementation and logic might not be the one expected from users. Because it's unlikely that a file will have a georeferenced coordinates system + gcps, I'd love if we could have something at least semi-automatic/seamless for users when opening the file (e.g with an environment variable ?) to handle gcps information.

GDAL docs says "The GDAL data model does not imply a transformation mechanism that must be generated from the GCPs … this is left to the application"

GDAL behaviour:
- gdalinfo: list gcps, does not get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS
- gdal_translate: create a pure copy, does not get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS
- gdalwarp: get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS and copy those to the output file

Rasterio behaviour:
- rio info: list gcps, does not get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS
- rio convert: copy the file, loose GCPS info, does not get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS
- rio warp: copy the file, loose GCPS info, does not get transform, bounds and crs from GCPS

when using `WarpedVRT`rasterio seems to be able to get the geotransform from the gcps 

with as src_dst: 
    with WarpedVRT(src_dst, src_crs=src_dst.gcps[1], scrs=src_dst.gcps[1]) as vrt_dst: 

Sean Gillies

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