Rasterio Resampling documentation needs some key descriptions such as the libraries to call

Eyal Saiet

Hello Rasterio community,
while I have been using GDAL-python for a few years, I am delighted to learn about Rasterio. Both in GDAL and Rasterio (matter of fact any programming) require detail and to be exact. For newcomers to Rasterio, the details are critical for a smooth adoption.

The Resampling documentation link  does not have key pieces. First, it misses the required import libraries:
import rasterio
from rasterio.warp import Affine, Resampling, reproject # this line is key for the resampling code to work
numpy as np

Second, along  the code I would highlight the read() method so numpy's shape would read all bands from the raster correctly. 

Thanks for an otherwise, excellent library and excellent project!  

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