Is it possible to open a binary file with


Hi all,

I've been using rasterio for few days, and now experiencing a situation where I can't find any help.

I read in the doc that when using `,...)` it is possible to pass a binary content as `fp` (doc in the source file ->

So instead of passing a file path or URL, I wanted to pass the content of the jp2 file to rasterio. Here is the full code for reproductability:

import boto3
import rasterio
s3 = boto3.resource('s3')

bucket = 'sentinel-s2-l1c'
key = 'tiles/31/U/DQ/2019/3/2/0/B01.jp2'

content = s3.Object(bucket, key).get(RequestPayer='requester')['Body'].read()
rio =, driver="JP2OpenJPEG").read(1)

But I'm getting an invalid path or file: b'\x00\x00\x00\x0cjP... error.

Any help on how to do so?


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