Re: WarpedVRT and resampling ?


Hi Sean, sorry for not being really clear. 

> Can you explain what processes produced those images? What program produced the blurry one and what program produced the non-blurry one? Which resampling algorithms were used? 

Those two image were produced by `rio-tiler`. One on linux (blurry) the other on Mac OS (both with wheels, but also tried with gdal sources). The resampling algorithm that produced blurry lines are non-nearest: cubic, bilinear, cubic spline.  

>  if you use the WarpedVRT, you should define its extents so that you don't need to use any resampling at all when you read from it. Also, I don't fully understand the edge effects when you resample in read().

in, what we do first is to calculated the bounds of the VRT (mercator tiles) and then do (decimated) reads. 

The interesting part is the bilinear resampling introduce the blurry lines only when using it on the `WarpedVRT` params and not on the `read`. 

here is a gist showing how to reproduce it:

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