Re: problem with window sizes when parallelizing a funciton

Sean Gillies

Alan: the function does indeed write to a new file with blocksizes set appropriately.

Javier: the TIFF spec states that tile width (and this goes for height, I presume) must be a multiple of 16. Neither GDAL's GeoTIFF format page nor Rasterio docs make this clear. I'll add a note. I think that if you try 512 instead of 128, you'll have success.

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 7:29 AM Alan Snow <alansnow21@...> wrote:
Hi Javier,

The blocksize is not a dynamic attribute. It represents the blocksize of the file on disk. So, if you want to change the blocksize, you will need to write it to a  new file with a new blocksize.

Hopefully this helps,

Sean Gillies

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