Re: MemoryFile workflow - should closing a dataset close the memfile?

Dion Häfner <dion.haefner@...>

You can use [contextlib.ExitStack]( in situations like these to save indentation levels (or enter multiple contexts in a comprehension).

On 29/07/2019 09.45, ronipay via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks for the reply Luke!

A context manager would work, but it's ergonomically annoying, no? I have a several functions I would like to pipe, each returning a raster. In that case I will have a lot of nested with statements:

with do_something1(ds1) as ds2:

    with do_something2(ds2) as ds3:

        with ...

Currently my solution was to change MemoryFile to NamedTemporaryFile, which solves the memory leak issue at the expense of some speed (but it's not terrible when you have an SSD).

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