Reading from S3


I am trying to read a geoTiff from my private S3 bucket (mapping), but am receiving the following error message

CPLE_OpenFailedError: '/vsis3/mapping/bahamas/S1A_20190821T231100.tif' does not exist in the file system, and is not recognized as a supported dataset name
The code I am using to open the GeoTiff is:

with rasterio.Env(session=AWSSession(aws_secret_access_key=S3_SECRET, aws_access_key_id=S3_KEY, region_name="us-west-1")) as env:"s3://mapping/bahamas/S1A_20190821T231100.tif")

I am using rasterio version 1.0.25 and the application is single-threaded. The file does exist and I can access it using s3fs and awscli. What am I missing?

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