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Sean Gillies

Hughes, would you be willing to run

CPL_CURL_VERBOSE=1 rio info "s3://s1-image-dataset/test.tif"

on your computer after unsetting AWS_S3_ENDPOINT and show us the output after sanitizing it (replace your key with xxxxx, but otherwise leave the Authorization headers readable)? If you do this, we'll see information about the HTTP requests that are made and can see if GDAL is failing to navigate a redirect or something like that.

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On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 3:48 AM <hughes.lloyd@...> wrote:
Hi Sean,


Perhaps this is not a bug, but it seems counter intuitive to directly need to specify AWS Endpoints when there is a region specification needed as well as the two are related.

The AWS_S3_ENDPOINT config option is intended to allow GDAL users to work with S3-compatible systems like It shouldn't be needed for the Gov Cloud, specification of the region should suffice, as you expect. I'm going to dig in rasterio and ask on gdal-dev. I'll follow up here soon.

Sean Gillies

Sean Gillies

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