Clarification on rio bounds --sequence/--collection

Yann-Sebastien Tremblay-Johnston


In the usage description of `rio bounds --help` 


 --sequence / --collection  Write a LF-delimited sequence of texts containing
                             individual objects (the default) or write a
                             single JSON text containing a feature collection

 --collection               Output as GeoJSON feature collection(s).

confuses me. The first instance of `--collection` seems to imply that if several input files are passed like `rio bounds --collection *.tif`, then the output would be a single GeoJSON document with a single FeatureCollection containing multiple Features corresponding to each tif file expanded in the shell. The second instance of `--collection` is perhaps more honest in setting expectation that a FeatureCollection object will be created for each tif file. I'm wondering if the first I described was ever meant to be intended behavior? or has there been a regression? 

Thank you so much!

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