Representing many raster files as one big file


Hi all,

I'm new to rasterio and it's so far working very nicely for reading some GeoTIFF files (specifically, the EU DEM elevation data set). I have a question I hope someone can answer: it's about whether it's possible to take the 27 contiguous individual TIFF files that form this data set and represent them as if they were one big file.

Currently I have to load each file in a loop to perform my analysis, but ideally I would like to be able to give all of the file names and their coordinates to some function that then lets me fetch data from anywhere in the whole dataset using a single `` with my window settings. This would avoid me having to deal with the edges where the window I'm looking at would overlap with other tiles. This would ideally work without requiring the whole dataset to be in memory, since it's huge (10s of GB).

Is this possible already in rasterio?



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