Re: Rasterio 1.0.3.post1

Even Rouault

On lundi 10 septembre 2018 14:29:39 CEST Sean Gillies wrote:
Thanks for the report, Denis. I had upgraded GDAL to 2.3.1 in these wheel
builds, and was blaming my inability to access these jp2 files on a lack of
credentials, but maybe something has changed between Rasterio and JP2 in
2.3.0? I'm going to revert to 2.2.4, the version in the 1.0.2 wheels.

Your wheels use openjpeg for GDAL JPEG2000 capability, right ? There has been
a change in GDAL ./configure in 2.3.0 related to openjpeg detection. It now
requires pkg-config to be available to detect openjpeg.


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