Using Rasterio with GDAL 2.4.x

Ratcliff, Christina (A&F, Waite Campus)



I’m trying to determine if it is possible to install Rasterio against GDAL 2.4.x on windows using the Gohlke wheels.


When installing rasterio versions 1.0.25 and above, it detects that the GDAL requirement is not met and attempts to build and install GDAL 3.0.4 and fails (log attached).
The environment I’m installing into is QGIS3 has GDAL 2.4.1 which shouldn’t be upgraded.


Is it possible to install the current release of Rasterio against GDAL 2.4.x ? The Rasterio readme suggests that this is supported.


On the assumption that this behavior is in error, I have been looking at source files and have a couple of queries.


1. In the .travis.yml are the following lines

- GDALINST=$HOME/gdalinstall
- GDALBUILD=$HOME/gdalbuild
- PROJINST=$HOME/gdalinstall
- PROJBUILD=$HOME/projbuild


      Should the 3rd line read $home/projinstall?


2. I have when installing using the wheel file, that GDAL is being matched to ~=3.0.1. (see attached log)

Collecting gdal~=3.0.1

  Using cached GDAL-3.0.4.tar.gz (577 kB)

    Where is this specified in the source files? 
If Rasterio indeed supports GDAL 2.4.1 should this in fact be >= 2.x.x ?

Many thanks in advance,


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