Re: Creating rasterio dataset without IO

Nic Annau <nicannau@...>

Thanks for the suggestion.

Those functions are exactly what I would like to use, but I am having troubles with them. I think it's a rasterio issue. 

I have tried using rioxarray and XGeo, but the problem is the custom projection crs I must provide when clipping. rasterio isn't playing well with it, and I think it's worthy of opening a GitHub issue. These clipping functions seem to not like custom projections - and only work for projections with a nice EPSG reference. 

The error is: `CRSError: The PROJ4 dict could not be understood. OGR Error code 5`. The PROJ4 dict is fine so far as I can tell.

I'm purposely leaving this post sparse and will reference the GitHub issue (with more details) here. 

As for using `geometry_mask` from `rasterio.features`: It is working well! The only issues is figuring out how to define the Affine matrix without IO, and I think I'm able to do that using `rasterio.transform.from_bounds()`.

Thanks again for your time,

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