Same file doesn't work on non-s3 host


Dear list,

I'm just starting with rasterio (through the marblecutter project), and am stumbling on a strange issue. Everything works fine when I try to load tifs from s3 (I'm testing out with openaerialmap's data). But if I serve one of their files from another source, it doesn't work, with the following error :

rasterio.errors.RasterioIOError: '/vsicurl/https://[...].tif' not recognized as a supported file format.
I looked carefully at the data and headers returned by both s3 and my server, and I don't see any significant difference, neither in the data or the headers...

Is there some s3 specific logic in rasterio that prevents this from working on a regular http server ?

Or how can I get some more info about what is failing ? I'm a bit lost about how to debug this...

Thanks !!


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