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In my workflow using rasterio, I'd like to read an overview from a raster and get only a portion of it through a window at the same time.

Is this possible?

I have a pretty complex script so far and I'm trying to check whether the wrong output is due to this not being possible.

Basically, I am asking if it is possible to do something like this:

data =,
                           math.ceil(src.height / 64),
                           math.ceil(src.width / 64)),

where data is a decimated read of src to get source raster overview for factor 64, and window has the width and height whose dimensions are relative to the source raster (not the overview).

the out_shape and window parameters of a Rasterio dataset's read method are very similar to the nBufXSize, nBufYSize, nXOff, nYOff, nXSize, and nYSize parameters of GDAL's RasterIO function. The window parameters refer to a region of the source raster at its full resolution, overviews are disregarded. The out_shape paramter determines the size of the output buffer and GDAL *may* read from overviews when they are available to reduce the cost of resampling.

Rasterio's read(), like GDAL's RasterIO, abstracts the details of full resolution vs overviews. Depending on the math, you may or may not get exactly the overview level you are looking for. If you absolutely need a particular overview level, I suggest passing an overview_level keyword argument to

Sean Gillies

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