Re: Decimated and windowed read in rasterio


On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 05:29 PM, Sean Gillies wrote:
Depending on the math, you may or may not get exactly the overview level you are looking for. If you absolutely need a particular overview level, I suggest passing an overview_level keyword argument to
This is very interesting, I could not find the reference to overview_level in the documentation.
Definitely going to test it!
My aim is to read a specific overview (the greatest level) from a raster and resampling it by implementing a SUMMING algorithm.
Although this might sound like I am not supposed to use windows, this process is part of a more complex program where the user can also request the original resolution, and thus for very big dataset reading with windows is much better.
Will come back with my findings, meanwhile can you please point to a documentation if present where the open method is used alng with the overview_level paramenter?

Thank you so much,

Umberto Minora

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