Re: Applying Color Ramp to Single-Band Grayscale Images

Sean Gillies


Have you seen ? It shows how to write a colormap (or color "ramp") to a new file. You can also open an existing file in "r+" mode and call the dataset's write_colormap() method.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 4:12 PM <nathan.raley@...> wrote:
Does anyone have any methods of applying a color ramp to a grayscale image? 

I have a NDVI calculated image I am trying to apply color ramp for the decimal based value ranges, but have no idea how to accomplish this.  I was wandering if this was possible via any of the rasterio libraries, and, if so, how would one go about accomplishing this?  I have other band based calculations I'd like to attempt, but until I can figure out how to apply the color ramps, I am at a stand still.


Sean Gillies

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