Re: CRS & EPSG issues


On my windows PC, I am running Anaconda to handle my environments.

My guess is that the issue resides in the GDAL installation on windows, that was performed prior to installing anaconda.
PROJ_LIB was set in the system variable and pointed to the proj.db file in the GDAL folder.
If I create a new environment in Conda, and then install rasterio / gdal / geopandas, it is likely to pick up the GDAL installation currently on windows, and assume that PROJ_LIB is correct (and proj.db)? Is this likely to be leading to the error?

In terms of Conda environments and GDAL/Rasterio, should we treat each environment with its own GDAL installation and own routes to GDAL_DATA path's?

I appreciate the assistance, but how can I ensure correct environment mappings of PROJ to the proj.db that up to date with the correct db schema in the proj.db file? Is there a good rule of thumb to not stuff this up in future?

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