Re: Rasterio.features.geometry_window error when geojson has GeometryCollection

Brendan Ward

The target release date that will include this fix is 5/1/2020 (

If you need changes sooner, you have a few options:
1) clone the repo and checkout the maint-1.1 branch, and rebuild the Cython files.  This can be a bit involved depending on your OS / env; you'll need a compiler, GDAL, Cython, etc.  (

2) coerce each GeometryCollection to FeatureCollection

3) use shapely to union each GeometryCollection into a single geometry object before passing into bounds()

4) calculate bounds on each individual geometry within a GeometryCollection, then union the bounds.  Here's how it was done in the Cython file (; you can do the same thing on your end.

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