Re: Create sparse raster with Rasterio. Is this possible?

Brendan Ward

Ben - I'm not sure I follow your intent here.

Is the idea to make the smallest possible geotiff after rasterizing all shapes in test.shp to pixels, where SPARSE_OK omits non-rasterized pixels where possible from the geotiff?

In rasterio, the best way to approach that would be to first do a windowed read of your data from raster that overlap the bounding box of all features in test.shp (see geometry_window(), then rasterize within that smaller window, then write it out to a new geotiff (note: it will have a different geotransform / width / height than the original).

If your shapes in test.shape are scattered around the raster with large areas of nodata in between, there's not really a way to handle that case aside from windowing out and writing each rasterized shape to a separate geotiff, then maybe making a VRT of the individual geotiffs it in GDAL to mosaic them back together.

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