Different values when I use a window


Hello,  I've been having a problem using windows, probably a misunderstanding on my part.
My goal is to dump a specific data from a band into a csv file, first I tried to use a window but the results differ from the results that I see on Qgis(the results appear to be shifted 1 position).
So I decided to try to read the whole band, instead to use a window, and the result match with Qgis.
I think that I am doing something wrong when I create/use the window, what I tried to do was:
  1. create a window from the bounds of the desired area: 
    bandWin = rasterio.windows.from_bounds(*boundingBox,band.transform)
  2. get the transform matrix of that window:
    win_transform = band.window_transform(bandWin)
  3. Obtain the window data:
    win_data = band.read(1, window = bandWin)
  4. Get the desired window indexes:
    indexes = rasterio.transform.rowcol(win_transform, [Xs], [Ys])
  5. Get the values that I want:
The only differences between when I don't use a window is that instead use win_transform I use band.transform and I read the whole band.

All help is appreciated.

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