Re: Request for comment: rasterio wheels on PyPI and GDAL 3.1

Alan Snow

My first thought is that if you do make the switch, I think it would make sense to do it in the 1.2 release.

> I have heard from those who would rather stick with 2.4.4 for a while yet due to increased latency noticed with the new dependency on proj.db in PROJ versions 6 and greater.

There will always be the --no-binary option and they can install older versions of GDAL/PROJ. It is what we do at work.

> I really don't know how best to distribute GDAL 3.1 and PROJ 7.1, particularly when it comes to including PROJ data in the wheels (as we have) or relying on the PROJ CDN.

Feel free to use whatever you need in the transition from here:

pyproj 3 has decided to not include any datum/transformation grids in the wheels and has a page for users to reference for how to download grids themselves: This allows for a smaller wheel to download and allows users to only download the grids they need (useful for serverless applications).

I would also recommend waiting until PROJ 7.2 for wheels due to the CA Bundle path support needed for wheels (

On another note, I was unable to get manylinux1 wheels to build with the curl setup required, so manylinux2010 will be the new minimum. There is probably a winning combination, but I was unable to find it.

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