Re: Rasterio 1.2b1

Alan Snow

Is that because on the other hand GDAL 3.2.0 and/or PROJ 7.2.0 are heavier than their counterparts from release 1.1.8?
The new wheel now includes the proj.db, which is close to the size of grids that were removed. Also, PROJ requires more dependencies, so that is also a likely factor.

would you expect there to be problems if I were to have pyproj<3.0.0 and rasterio>=1.2 installed in my Python environment, due to their different PROJ versions, or would that still work OK?
It might work, but I wouldn't recommend it. At the very least, there are different versions proj.db in each one. If you do go that route, I would recommend you proceed with caution.

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