rio-color 1.0.1.dev0 wheels

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Lack of an up to date wheel building system has been blocking us from making a 1.0.1 release. See Kyle Barron suggested using cibuildwheel and I've succeeded in making a wide variety of wheels: If you're willing to `pip install rio-color==1.0.1.dev0` and report success or failure, we'd appreciate it. Be aware of a few things:

1. That command will pull in dev versions of rio-color's dependencies, such as rasterio 1.2b1, so try this in a disposable Python environment.
2. There are some rio-color wheels that have no match in rasterio 1.2b1. So, if you use pip to install rio-color 1.0.1.dev0 on Windows, pip will find no rasterio wheel for Windows, and the installation will fail.

Sean Gillies

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