Clarification on usage with QGIS

Ari Meyer

Note: I originally submitted this as a github issue, as I'd like to see an update to the documentation regarding using Rasterio with QGIS (and perhaps for integrating with any apps that use GDAL).

We're looking to simplify our code for a QGIS plugin to use Rasterio/Shapely in place of GDAL/OGR. Shapely is included in the standard QGIS distribution, but Rasterio is not (not sure why). In any case, I found on :
GDAL’s bindings (gdal for the rest of this document) and Rasterio are not entirely compatible and should not, without a great deal of care, be imported and used in a single Python program. The reason is that the dynamic library they each load (these are C extension modules, remember), on Linux, gdal.dll on Windows, has a number of global objects and the two modules take different approaches to managing these objects.

Does this imply that we may have problems if we try to port the GDAL Python code of our QGIS plugin to Rasterio that we may run into problems, as QGIS is built on GDAL? Can you add a section to clarifying interoperability with QGIS?

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