Re: cannot correctly change a TIFF's interleave

Sean Gillies

The "profile" attribute of a dataset is a dictionary that describes key characteristics of the dataset. You can use this dictionary in any way you like. Modifying it does not affect the dataset that it originated from. Common rasterio usage is to get the profile of one dataset and then use that as a baseline for creation of a new dataset. Here's an example:

Does this make sense? I hope it helps.

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 6:46 PM <guohoucai@...> wrote:
Thanks for your help! It really helps me a lot! But I got another question: rasterio.shutil.copy() could only copy a raster to a new destination, what should I do if I wanna use a raster's profile for the creation of a new raster? Like I use a multi-bands TIFF file to calculate the NDVI and then save it, the multi-bands TIFF's profile is useful for the NDVI TIFF file cause they have the same "crs" and "transform". I'm a rasterio rookie and I appreciate your generosity a lot!

Sean Gillies

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