Re: Rasterio read outshape resample does not give correct array

Loïc Dutrieux

With count data, like population, it only makes sense to aggregate using a sum resampling function (like you did with block_reduce).
Using rasterio you can perform a decimated read (setting out_shape) using resampling=Resampling.sum. I see from the docs that it requires GDAL >= 3.1 though (
It can give unexpected results if the file has precomputed overviews, then no matter which resampling method you specify, rasterio won't be able to ignore them (unless built against GDAL >= 3.3 which is very unlikely at the moment).

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Thank you very much, I found scikit block_reduce<*block-reduce__;Iw!!DOxrgLBm!SYQfUIkp3oT6I4nkx5rhk0VhOIXLuJc03ZvgBB-xB81wfd0QZgYJdbZuqh9ZDbxz4GMJQqQ$> which did the trick, but I was wondering if there are any gdal or rasterio functions who could
do the same. I found from (here<;!!DOxrgLBm!SYQfUIkp3oT6I4nkx5rhk0VhOIXLuJc03ZvgBB-xB81wfd0QZgYJdbZuqh9ZDbxz3Jieug0$>) and ( here<;!!DOxrgLBm!SYQfUIkp3oT6I4nkx5rhk0VhOIXLuJc03ZvgBB-xB81wfd0QZgYJdbZuqh9ZDbxzYF_dZ3o$>) that
GDAL 3.1 or later does have -r sum or -r average
as interpolation method.
However, if I apply the gdal translate command I am not getting the correct numbers. Could this be a problem with my gdal?

Solution with scikit block_reduce :<*block-reduce__;Iw!!DOxrgLBm!SYQfUIkp3oT6I4nkx5rhk0VhOIXLuJc03ZvgBB-xB81wfd0QZgYJdbZuqh9ZDbxz4GMJQqQ$>

from skimage.measure import block_reduce
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
factor = 2
with"mwi_ppp_2020_UTM.tif") as dataset:
data =
print('population file', data[np.where(data>0)].sum())
# give zero to no dataval
data=np.where(data<=0,0, data)

# reduce by factor
x=block_reduce(data, block_size=(factor,factor), func=np.sum)

# mask out no data vals,0)
print('population resampled',x_masked.sum())

Using gdal translate -r average

(decrease by factor 10)
import subprocess"""gdal_translate -tr 0.0083 0.0083 -r average\
/Users/admin/Downloads/mwi_ppp_2020.tif gdal_test.tif""", shell=True)

Population after 206120.61

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