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I don't know about MSAVI2, but once you have a numpy array of 0 and 1, you can mask another array using Rasterio only reads and writes datasets, it doesn't have built in analysis functions. All that is left up to the user and numpy.

For band names, if you create a new dataset in "w" mode or open an existing dataset in "r+" mode, you can pass a sequence of strings as shown in

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First : I want to know how could i change the name of raster images’s band? Because i have a multispectral image with 8 band and the name is none when i do image.descrptions. 

Second : 
On this multispectral image, I want to compute an MSAVI2 spectral index and extract all non-ground pixels to mask another image.

MSAVI2 allows to mask the ground by giving it values 0 or 1.

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