Re: Make _boundless_vrt_doc public

Sean Gillies

Hi Denis,

I'm not prepared to make it public yet. I'm not confident that the signature of the method is finished and I believe we should have a discussion on the dev group about VRTs and how much support we'll have for them in Rasterio's public API.

For now, I recommend copying it into your own project.

On Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 9:39 AM Denis Rykov <rykovd@...> wrote:

We are going to use rasterio.vrt._boundless_vrt_docĀ for making a XML VRT out of dataset in our library.
But we are little afraid because the name of this function tells that it is a private one.
Are there any reasons for this? What do you think about to make this function public?

Sean Gillies

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