Re: Default nodata value

Idan Miara

Hi Amaury,

I'm not aware of any "default" nodata value per dtype in gdal.
Though, you might find the defaults in gdal_calc useful:


On Tue, 6 Jul 2021 at 15:31, <amaury.dehecq@...> wrote:


what is the default nodata used by GDAL, and hence rasterio, for any given dtype?
For example, rasterio.warp.reproject states:
dst_nodata (int or float, optional) – The nodata value used to initialize the destination; it will remain in all areas not covered by the reprojected source. Defaults to the nodata value of the destination image (if set), the value of src_nodata, or 0 (GDAL default).

But I couldn't find anywhere in rasterio's or GDAL's documentation what was the default value for any given dtype.



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