Re: No geoKeys generated when writing a geotiff

Sean Gillies


On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 7:36 AM devsantiago <santiago@...> wrote:
Could be, but i doubt it. The other geotiffs I'm able to successfully read (geoKeys) and display inside the web application (using npm's geotiff package) are generated using professional GIS software. Further question, in my full script, there are other places (not shown in sample code) where a dataset is open with rasterio and some information is read to calculate the overlay. Could it be that the geotiffs that i'm using to generate my output image don't have any information encoded, which would explain why nothing is passed to my output image? Also, is there some sample code somewhere using rasterio to generate a geotiff (and its geoKeys) that I could look at ?

I'm stumped. Rasterio doesn't have any native understanding of GeoTIFF geokeys. To define a dataset's georeferencing, we call GDALSetGeoTransform and GDALSetProjection and GDAL's GeoTIFF driver and libgeotiff take care of the details. We haven't had a report of rasterio (and GDAL) writing a non-conforming GeoTIFF in a long time. The tutorial at produces a GeoTIFF that can be used with GDAL and QGIS. Can you tell me what rasterio version you are using and what its provenance is? PyPI? Anaconda? Something else?

Sean Gillies

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