Re: Tracking down a segmentation fault

Angus Dickey

Thanks to both Sean and Even for their responses.

I ended up compiling GDAL 3.3.0 (to include the debug symbols), then building rasterio on top of that. The backtrace (full bt is attached) now provides some more information:

#0  GDALDatasetPool::_CloseDatasetIfZeroRefCount (this=0x7fffb03c4940, pszFileName=pszFileName@entry=0x7fffa85946f0 "/vsis3/bucket/path/01.cog.tiff", pszOwner=pszOwner@entry=0x7fffa83c6eb0 "0x7fffa84f38c0") at gdalproxypool.cpp:378
#1  0x00007fffcb5034a2 in GDALDatasetPool::CloseDatasetIfZeroRefCount (pszFileName=0x7fffa85946f0 "/vsis3/bucket/path/01.cog.tiff", eAccess=eAccess@entry=GA_ReadOnly, pszOwner=pszOwner@entry=0x7fffa83c6eb0 "0x7fffa84f38c0")at gdalproxypool.cpp:520

Seems the issue is here in GDAL. I am not sure if this is a bug or am am doing something "off label". For context I am reading a VRT stored in S3 that is made up of a series of COGS.

Should I be moving this out of the rasterio list to GDAL? It might not be easy to replicate with GDAL alone though.

Thanks again for any thoughts,



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