Re: Unclear how to implement image alignment based on GCPs

Sean Gillies


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Hi, thanks for your response. Let me provide some background. I have two sets of images that capture the same scene but were taken using separate cameras. This causes some degree of GPS discrepancy between the two sets of images, and the task is to align them based on GCPs generated either manually or automatically (irrelevant for this problem). Maybe I have completely misunderstood the purpose of the `reproject` function. I have included a sample of my GCPs below:

What an interesting problem. The reproject() function is mainly for cartographic reprojection, but it might be useful in your case.

`GroundControlPoint(row=array(357), col=array(682), x=array(22.67637871), y=array(-33.94166626), z=0.0, id='45e0b74c-54a4-48c8-b876-1dfcc184c6c8')`

The row and column reference the position in the aligned image that corresponds to the x and y coordinates in the misaligned image. Perhaps my understanding of how to construct this is wrong as well? The documentation doesn't seem to cover this case all that clearly.

The row, col, x, and y for a GroundControlPoint need to be floats, not arrays of floats. I'm sorry that the documentation of this class is inadequate!

Thanks for your help.

You're welcome! I think that adjusting the GCPs may help, but may not be entirely enough.

Sean Gillies

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