Re: Strange output when using "min" resampling method with WarpedVRT

Sean Gillies

Hi Daniel,

Yes, please do create an issue. One with some code that will reproduce the problem would be perfect.

On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 11:35 AM <daniel.mannarino@...> wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm wondering what my next steps should be for this. I tried the script I posted a week ago after installing GDAL 3.3.2 and Python 3.9.7 via Homebrew (GDAL 3.3.2 is not yet in the tree for Homebrew but I edited the recipe to point to 3.3.2 and it built without difficulty), then rasterio 1.2.7, pyproj, and affine via pip. The results are still incorrect (there are values of 1 in channels which should all be masked 0s and the value selected for the minimum is not actually the smallest). Should I create a Github issue at this point?
Daniel Mannarino

Sean Gillies

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