Re: Can't write to s3

Sean Gillies

Hi Ian,

GDAL doesn't support creating a GeoTIFF on S3 except via use of a temporary file. Configuration for that is explained in I tend not to use this and write to a temporary directory managed in Python and upload using boto3 instead.

On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 8:54 AM <ian.liu88@...> wrote:
When I try to create a file in s3 with `"s3://...", "w", ...)`, I get the following error:

rasterio.errors.RasterioIOError: Attempt to create new tiff file '/vsis3/my-bucket/test.tif' failed: Permission denied
I'm assuming this has to do with some kind of temporary file that GDal uses to write the file, but how do I configure this?


Sean Gillies

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