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Sean Gillies


Your GDAL library needs to be built on a curl library that is itself built with SSL support. I think that the GDAL and curl packages in most distros will meet this requirement, but if you are compiling GDAL and curl from source you'll need to assure something like

for curl and

for GDAL.

Hope this helps!

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I forked and am trying to add support for rasterio and rio to handle files on Google Cloud Storage. I made changes to and added remote schemes to include gs:// type urls similar to AWS S3 support. I tested it locally on macOS, the below command works:

rio info gs://pdd-stac/disasters/hurricane-harvey/0831/20170831_172754_101c_3b_Visual.tif`through the container.

But when I package rasterio in Docker container try through a container. I get the following error. Any ideas what I maybe doing wrong?

ERROR 6: CPLRSASHA256Sign() not implemented: GDAL must be built against libcrypto++ or libcrypto (openssl)

Sean Gillies

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