Re: rasterio Google Cloud Storage (GCS) access

Even Rouault

On samedi 8 d├ęcembre 2018 16:05:52 CET Sean Gillies wrote:

Your GDAL library needs to be built on a curl library that is itself built
with SSL support. I think that the GDAL and curl packages in most distros
will meet this requirement, but if you are compiling GDAL and curl from
source you'll need to assure something like
Actually, this warning is GDAL specific, and has nothing to do with curl (but
of course curl without SSL support is rather useless). The service account
authentication method of Google OAuth2 requires using a RSA signing key to
create signed requests to GCS, and, for that, "GDAL must be built against
libcrypto++ or libcrypto (openssl)" (sorry, can't find a better wording :-))

$ ./configure --help | grep crypto
--with-cryptopp=ARG Include cryptopp support (ARG=yes, no or path)
--with-crypto=ARG Include crypto (from openssl) support (ARG=yes, no
or path)


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