rasterio 1.1.4

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Rasterio 1.1.4 has been released. Here are the changes:

Here are the distributions on PyPI

Please note that there is no wheel for Python 2.7 and OS X. We've lost the ability to build them and I'm not sure why. We may need help from the Travis CI team to get that particular build job unstuck. But as we're moving on from supporting Python 2.7, I'm not super concerned about this right now.

The biggest changes in the wheels on PyPI aren't mentioned in rasterio because they are outside the project scope. See https://github.com/rasterio/rasterio-wheels/blob/master/CHANGES.md#2020-05-06 for details. In a nutshell, we're upgrading NetCDF to 4.6.2, patching GDAL 2.4.4 to fix two different bugs, and are using a patched version of auditwheel to add a rasterio-specific tag, "rasterio", to the SONAME of shared libraries in the linux wheels. In rasterio.libs you will see shared libraries with names like libcurl-rasterio-ea538880.so.4.4.0 instead of libcurl-ea538880.so.4.4.0.

These wheels include 2.4.4. I felt like upgrading to 3.0 or 3.1 while also trying to fix the SONAME collision problem was too much for me, so we'll tackle the GDAL/PROJ upgrades in a future release.

Thanks for your help, everyone!

Sean Gillies


This is really cool, thanks for the hard work Sean!