Rasterio 1.2.0

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

A source distribution and binary wheels for manylinux1 and macosx are on PyPI now: https://pypi.org/project/rasterio/1.2.0/#files. These wheels include PROJ 7.2.1 and GDAL 3.2.1 and no longer include any PROJ datum grids. See https://proj.org/usage/network.html#how-to-enable-network-capabilities for instructions on how to get grid data from the PROJ CDN. There are no wheels for Python versions 2.7 and 3.5 because Rasterio 1.2 only supports Python versions 3.6 and up. Wheels for Windows are not yet available on PyPI.

The change log https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio/blob/master/CHANGES.txt has a full list of new features and bugs fixed since 1.1.8. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this version!

Sean Gillies