Rasterio 1.3.0

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

We've got a new version of rasterio! Rasterio 1.3.0 has new features, deprecations, and many bug fixes. It supports Python versions 3.8+ and GDAL versions 3.1+. Please see https://github.com/rasterio/rasterio/blob/master/CHANGES.txt for a fine grain description of changes since 1.2.10. Major changes and deprecations are listed below.


* Building from source now requires Cython (#2016).
* PyPI wheels include GDAL 3.5.0 and PROJ 9.0.0.


The rasterio.path module has been moved to rasterio._path and all its member made private (#2423). A new version of rasterio.path temporarily provides aliases to maintain compatibility.

New features:

* A dataset's write method now accepts Numpy masked arrays and has a "masked" keyword argument. In this case, if masked is False, the masked array's filled method is called with the dataset's nodata value or else the masked array's fill value. If the masked argument is True, the dataset's write_mask method is called.
* Datasets have a new statistics method that computes the minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation of a raster band's data, matching the output of gdalinfo (#2441).
* The rio-warp CLI command now takes --wo (--warper-option) and --to (--transformer-option) options, allowing the use of PROJ coordinate transformation pipelines like "--to coordinate_operation=proj=pipeline" (#2438).
* Python file objects and file-like objects from, for example, fsspec are adapted for opening to get a dataset without copying file data to a MemoryFile (#2141).
* Added support for PROJ JSON based interchange for CRS (#2212).
* More efficient window intersection and union (#2164).
* New Affine, GCP, and RFC transformer classes (#2225).

Rasterio 1.3.0 is the work of 30 contributors on GitHub:

Adam J. Stewart, Alan D. Snow, Andrea Giardini, Andrew Nisbet, Arno Gobbin, Bill Morris, Caleb Robinson, David Hoese, Denis Rykov, Dr Martin Black, Even Rouault, Ewout ter Hoeven, Felix Divo, Howard Butler, Idan Miara, Joachim Ungar, João Santos, Keith Jenkins, Martijn Visser, Mike Taves, Nico Mandery, Olivier Cloux, RichardScottOZ, Ryan Grout, Samuel Kogler, Sean Gillies, Steven Pestana, Tomáš Hrnčiar, Vincent Sarago, and Yann-Sebastien Tremblay-Johnston.

Many people contributed to 1.3.0 in other ways. Thank you packagers, teachers, writers, pre-release testers, you who ask and answer questions on various internet forums. The project would not be where it is without you.


Sean Gillies

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Here is the GitHub release summary: https://github.com/rasterio/rasterio/releases/tag/1.3.0.

Here is the full list of changes since 1.2.10:https://github.com/rasterio/rasterio/blob/master/CHANGES.txt#L4-L162.

Thanks, everyone!

Sean Gillies