Cloud-optimized GDAL VRT


We were discussing whether it would be possible to use `gdalbuildvrt` on several cloud-optimized GeoTIFF and obtain something that behaves like one big COG (which would be awesome to serve up large collections of GeoTIFFS, e.g. via Terracotta). `rasterio` seems to be able to read GDAL VRTs just fine, but it does not seem to have access to the overviews of the datasets. Is there anything obvious we could try? Is this missing functionality in GDAL or Rasterio?

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Hi Dion,
I encountered the same result couple month ago and couldn't get it to work. I asked Evan about it and see his answer hereĀ



Huh, interesting. So only birds-eye overviews of VRTs should be expensive, which is to expected. Did you observe that in your tests? Did you ever go further and experiment with external overviews for the VRT?