Including PROJ datum grids in rasterio wheels, yes or no?

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

I have built new wheels for rasterio 1.1.1 here

which, for the first time, contain the base PROJ datum grids (version 1.8). This increases the size of the wheels by several MB and brings the installed size up to 52MB (on a Mac):

$ du rasterio
10720   rasterio/proj_data
30092   rasterio/.dylibs
164     rasterio/rio
7444    rasterio/gdal_data
52212   rasterio

My question to the user community is: would you rather have heavier wheels with the base datum grids or lighter wheels without?

If consensus is for even more batteries included, I will give the new wheels a unique build tag, upload them to PyPI and then delete the existing 1.1.1 wheels. Some of you may notice warnings from your build tools about hash changes.

Sean Gillies