Rasterio 1.0.23

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Rasterio 1.0.23 is on PyPI now. It has a number of important bug fixes:
- rio-calc output is divided into chunks of user-specified size to constrain the
  amount of memory used (#1668).
- Attempts to set attributes of datasets opened in "r" mode now raise a custom
  DatasetAttributeError. This exception derives from both RasterioError and
  NotImplementedError, which maintains backwards compatibility (#1676).
- Block sizes are no longer guarded when creating untiled datasets (#1689).
- CRS objects are now hashable and equivalent CRS objects have the same hash
  value (#1684).
- Allow AWS regions to be specified no matter the signing of requests (#1670).
- Add links to API documentation from the Python quickstart guide.
- Use "CRS.from_epsg({})" instead of "CRS.from_dict(init='epsg:{}')" as the
  representation for CRS objects that are completely described by an EPSG code.
- Use GDAL's string parsing to get metadata item keys and values, which
  accommodates uncommon "KEY:VALUE" forms.
If you're a rio-calc user, be sure to update the snuggs package as well. 1.4.6 has several very important bug fixes.
Thank you for the excellent bug reports,
Sean Gillies