Rasterio 1.0.27

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Rasterio 1.0.27 is on PyPI now and here is the list of the changes.
  • Resolve #1744 by adding a `dtype` keyword argument to the WarpedVRT constructor. It allows a user to specify the working data type for the warp operation and output.
  • All cases of deprecated affine right multiplication have been changed to be forward compatible with affine 3.0. The rasterio tests now pass without warnings.
  • The coordinate transformer used in _base._transform() is now properly deleted, fixing the memory leak reported in #1713.
  • An unavoidable warning about 4-channel colormap entries in DatasetWriterBase.write_colormap() has been removed.
  • All deprecated imports of abstract base classes for collections have been corrected, eliminating the warnings reported in #1742 and #1764.
  • DatasetWriterBase no longer requires that GeoTIFF block sizes be smaller than the raster size (#1760). Block sizes are however checked to ensure that they are multiples of 16.
  • DatasetBase.is_tiled has been made more reliable, fixing #1376. - Tests have been added to demonstrate that image corruption when writing block-wise to an image with extra large block sizes (#520) is no longer an issue.

I'm happy to say that Rasterio's tests run without warnings now. It's been a while since that was true. Thank you, Guillaume Lostis, for helping on this. Thank you, Jason Hight and Vincent Sarago, for reports and feedback on other issues.

There are no changes in the rasterio wheels, it's the same versions of GDAL and dependencies as in the 1.0.26 wheels, built the same way.

Related: the affine module that rasterio uses for affine transformation matrices had a 2.3.0 release and Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez and Darren Weber were instrumental in that.

Share and enjoy,

Sean Gillies