Rasterio 1.1.1

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Rasterio 1.1.1 source distribution and wheels for macosx and manylinux1 are on PyPI now. Here are the changes from the change log:

Bug fixes:

- Calling a dataset's sample method with coordinates outside the extent of a
  dataset with a nodata value of None has raised a TypeError (#1822). Now, it
  gives the values we would get from a boundless read of the dataset's values.
- Use new set_proj_search_path() function to set the PROJ data search path. For
  GDAL versions before 3.0 this sets the PROJ_LIB environment variable. For
  GDAL version 3.0 this calls OSRSetPROJSearchPaths(), which overrides
  PROJ_LIB (#1823).
- Check for header.dxf file instead of pcs.csv when looking for installed GDAL
  data. The latter is gone with GDAL 3.0 but the former remains (#1823).
- RGB rasters are now properly displayed by rasterio.plot.show (#1650).


- The wheels on PyPI include GDAL 2.4.3 with a patch that addresses the
  multithreading issue reported in #1828.

Some of you have been reporting trouble with concurrent reads of GeoTIFFs on S3 and I'm optimistic that we have a fix for at least one class of these problems. Please give the 1.1.1 wheels a try (or patch your own installations of GDAL) and let us know how it goes.

Sean Gillies