setting BIGTIFF='IF_SAFER' not solving BigTiff problems

Amine Aboufirass <amine.aboufirass@...>

Dear All,

I would like to point to this issue in which I brought up the BIGTIFF limitation with regards to merging rasters using rasterio:

It turns out that the suggested solution of adding BIGTIFF="IF_SAFER" to the arguments does not remove the problem. I still get an error:

rasterio._err.CPLE_NotSupportedError: A 140401 pixels x 36001 lines x 1 bands Int16 image would be larger than 4GB but this is the largest size a TIFF can be, and BigTIFF is unavailable.  Creation failed.

Is there a way to circumvent or workaround this? Why is BIGTIFF="IF_SAFER" not working?




How did you install rasterio?

If you installed via Anaconda / conda using the default channel, your gdal may lack bigtiff support.